Q What is AMA
Hi Gary, and thanks for your question about Age My Ass!

It was a few years back…a group of us were just shooting the breeze here at the office when Ken came in from the gym. He announced that he made a decision and set a new goal for himself to add some muscle size. Well, somebody made a casual statement about making gains at his ripe old age (at the time, he was close to 80 years old!) to which Ken responded “Age My Ass!”

So it kind of stuck and became Ken’s catch-phrase, and subsequently we dubbed him “Mr. Age My Ass!”. Not only did the name stick, it also became our slogan…our theme…our mantra! Now we’re hoping it rubs off on every man regardless of his age, so that he realizes that age isn’t a barrier, and when somebody or something challenges him he too will say “Age My Ass!”

And by the way, if you’re wondering whether Ken accomplished his gain-goal…he did…and then some! Proof that, as Ken likes to say, age does not matter…or as we all like to say, Age My Ass!