Kens Bio PicIf you’ve turned on a radio or TV anywhere in America in the last 40 years, chances are you’ve heard or seen “Mr. Age My Ass!”, Ken Dab-Row. The minute he opens his mouth people say “Oh, It’s you!” But what makes Ken different is how mentally and physically fit he is in his mid-80’s. The pictures you see here are not doctored in any way, that’s really his physique in his mid-80’s!

He’s an old fashioned “man’s man” who has lived his whole life by a certain code and makes no apologies for who he is. With an adventuresome spirit and a real zest for living, Ken loves life and truly loves living each day to the max.

That attitude and love of life, plus his enthusiasm for everyone and everything, are infectious to everyone he meets. So it’s only natural that over his long life, he should become a friend and mentor to so many other men. Men who look at what he’s accomplished and say “I want to be like that when I get to be that age!” And that list includes some pretty powerful and successful people. But power and success aren’t the most important things in Ken’s world…the living of a great life is!

And by the way, no matter who you are or how successful or powerful you might be, everybody gets the exact same enthusiasm, encouragement and the exact same kick in the ass from “The Old Man”! One of the last true originals, that’s “Mr. Age My Ass!”, Ken Dab-Row.